Michelle Malone and the Georgia gang (Shawn Mullins, Gerry Hansen, Phil Skipper, Tom Ryan, Trish Land, Chuck Leavell, Marty Kearns, Glen Matullo, and Randall Bramblett) have worked all year to make a fun and beautiful new record for you music lovers. Some call it Americana. Some call it southern. It’s also called Rock, country and blues music. Here’s a taste of some of the from the final mixes – a mash up medley of songs and clips from the studio – if you like what you hear, please Pre-order order the CD to KICK START MICHELLE MALONE UP and over the top! The new CD will only be available here through Michelle Malone’s website until further notice – and if you pre-order, you’ll get a free bonus AND you’ll get your CD waaaay before the rest of the world! THANK YOU! Now click on the link below to get your CD, exclusive Tshirt, birthday video, framed signed lyrics, and MORE! AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT MICHELLE MALONE’S NEW CD!”



[youtube autoplay=yes]V1maendFfN0[/youtube] 

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